Tips on Maximizing Your Home Space

15 November 2021

Spacious homes are everyone’s dream, but people now tend to buy apartments that help them commute easily to their workplace with urbanization. According to statistics on Wikipedia, 34% of people have moved to urban areas, which will reach approximately 40% by 2030. This would mean the need for more residential units, further leading to smaller living spaces. People get attracted to residential and hospitality complexes where all facilities are easily accessible. If you own an apartment, you can still make it spacious by making a few easy alterations. Here are a few tips that would enhance the positive environment of your home

Design your storage intelligently

When you talk about a well-furnished house, the storage space is the first thing to watch out for. Storage allows you to keep your space clean, well-organized, and airy. Some common storage ideas include under-bed boxes, ottomans, and modular storage cabinets. If your apartment has a storage room, make sure you use it in the best possible way since you can store stuff like blankets, spare curtains, and bedsheets. If your rooms are small, go for overhead cabinets so that you have enough space to move around. Storage under the stairs is also a brilliant idea to keep unwanted things out of sight.

Minimalistic living: Smart furniture

Young generations believe in minimalistic living. This has led to the invention of intelligent space-saving furniture. Sleek sofa designs, dining tables, TV cabinets are a must-have if you wish to make your home look spacious, comfortable yet functional. You can always research online to find great furniture designs.

Mirror-mirror on the wall

Gone are the times when mirrors were used in dressing tables and washrooms. These days, mirrors are installed on the room walls to give them a more significant look due to the optical illusion they create. In addition, beautiful shades and designs enhance the look aesthetically. So if you wish to have a bright room, choose a wall with ample light, and you will feel a positive vibe around.

Neutral Shades of wall and curtains

When you search for the best residential apartments in India, you will find that the apartments are designed subtly. Light-colored walls and curtains are sophisticated and classy. Always make sure you choose curtains that complement the walls and furniture. Some tricks for putting curtains are:

  • Keep the curtain rods higher for a tall window which gives the feel of a higher roof.
  • Keep rods wider than the window, enhancing the width.
  • Vertical or small printed curtains enhance the space.

Functional kitchen: A must-have

The first thing that a person considers when buying a residential property is the kitchen size. An intelligently designed modular kitchen is a trend that combines a modern look with functionality. One of the latest trends in kitchen designs is the open cabinets. These let quick access to things when cooking. So, a combination of open storage with cabinets is a must consider when designing your kitchen. You can choose from a variety of colors for cabinets. Also, do install recessed lights since they illuminate the cooking countertop beautifully.

Another great aspect when designing a kitchen is the combined dining area. This is helpful since it allows one to access cooked food easily and is easy to maintain since all cleaning can be done together without any mess. You can opt for a sleek dining design if you have a small family and all can enjoy food together.

Light it up!

Natural daylight coming into your apartment is a blessing since it makes your nest feel airy and light. Also, when it comes to choosing lighting options for your rooms, make sure you choose bright, modern, and sleek light designs over heavy chandeliers. Recessed lights have been a fantastic option for highlighting a particular area and adding more light to the space. If your room is small, do not use floor or table lamps since they consume space.

These days, there are motion-sensor lights which prove great help at night, especially if you have older people or children at home. These lights sense movements and are easy to install without compromising the look of the room.

If you wish to buy your dream home in Rajkot, browse the best options. Let us be a part of your fantastic journey with the best infrastructure, amenities, modern design. You deserve to achieve your dream of owning a beautiful, peaceful and contemporary life.

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