The top-notch residential complex in the heart of the Rajkot city

15 July 2021

The reputed professionals have been actively engaged in offering the trusted housing in the prominent location of the city. As one of the prominent names in the residential industry, Apple Vatika the ral estate property in Rajkot, Gujarati s rising majestically above the city and a suburb. The premium residential complex can give you a significant touch to the lifestyle. The iconic status isn't just limited to the sheer scale of the structure. Rather, it reflects the esteemed mark that it holds with the precision in the design, architecture, Lifestyle, services. Such lifestyle it offers is the reason behind its reputation. What makes it special and unique from the rest of the crowd is that it has plenty of special days that you won't find elsewhere.

The extremely rare and grand high-end real estate project is the perfect place that can come with a unique blend and the single destination for modern entertainment, luxury living, retail shopping, fine dining.

Highlight on the specialty

There is a range of amenities that you can get here that you won't find elsewhere.

All in one place

It comes Garden, open gymnasium, deck sitting, Salon, swimming pool, jogging track, Cafe or party hall, club, children's play area, gymnasium, and aerobics, to name a few. What makes it even better is the neighborhood.


The area shares nearness to the transport, shopping malls, hospitals, corporate offices, to everything else. You can get proximity to the HDFC Bank, Bank of Baroda, as well as the school and the Balaji hall, all of which are completely at your fingertips. Each residential block has been uniquely created to make it one of the best residential blocks in the city. The residential property in Rajkot, Gujarat is also easily accessible for the different parts of the city, thus ensuring that you stay in the most esteemed part of the city.

Furnished residential spaces

The best part is that each of these rooms is also tastefully furnished and well decorated to match the residents' expectations. The ambiance is much needed for the residents. That said, every room has the perfect area for the beds. Additional side open beds can be also fit in the rooms. Besides the amenities like the large shower bath area, separate toilet, dressing cubicle, washbasin can make sure about giving you the perfect Ambience. You can also get the sample space for the clothes drying area.


If you want to participate in the long-term training programs of The Spiritual camps, you can get the same. The regular meetings, social parties and also the other arrangements can give a perfect relaxation.

Environmentally-friendly Technology

The best part of this Housing Complex is that the wastewater from the resident's use finds treatment with environmentally friendly Technology.

Floor plans

Each of the furnished houses comes with the perfect floor plans to make it amazingly built. Ground floor plans, four BHK floor plans, a first-floor plan, a terrace floor plan, and a typical floor plan are the residents' choices. That said, you can get plenty of choices for making sure that the ambiance will be the perfect suitable one for you and your family to stay there.

The breathtaking view of the city from the highest building

You can get the spaces with the super luxurious residential Complex in Rajkot, Gujarat, that can give you exclusive homes as a Lifestyle. It can give the residents guaranteed and exceptional construction quality alongside plenty of recreational areas. You won't ever feel bored staying at such a location that gives you an eyecatching view of the city's nightlife.

A special touch of well-furnished interiors and exteriors

  • As a homeowner, it becomes normal to have a liking towards the extra furnished homes. The apartment flooring itself is a high-grade one.
  • You can get the interior marble flooring alongside the premium vitrified tiles in all the room.
  • The top-notch grade of the doors and windows with the internal rods and the door frame is the mark of quality. They use the International quality UPVC and anodized aluminum, which makes it quite striking.
  • The Italian marble platform for the flooring alongside the natural granite and the premium ceramic tiles in the kitchen areas gives you the concept that even the kitchen will complement the rest of the home.

  • You can get the electrification with the concealed copper wiring and the modular switches to make sure that there won't be any kind of safety concerns related to the electrification.
  • Inside of the rooms are painted with the putty finish, and a painting of the outside can be done with the help of the texture on the acrylic paint.
  • It’s a well-known fact that the security problem in the buildings usually causes a lot of chaos and hampers mental peace among the homeowners. But, you don’t have to stay worried about such occurrences while you are at Apple Vatika. The best part of the residential complex is that you can get the 24/7 video phone security system connected to the reception and access control in the lobby. The complete campus security alongside the CCTV surveillance makes sure that there won't be any chances of theft.

Welcome to the amazingly designed residential complex for a happy life!

The Spectacular touch to the designing, the perfect ambiance, and the top-notch security make Apple Vatika, Rajkot, the place of utmost peace for the homeowners. You can get unobstructed views alongside the relaxation of luxury living from each of the residences. All specifications are enough to make it the perfect location for giving you the unforgettable experiences of a lifetime. Besides you can also get the advantage of staying near to the different locations around the city. The neighborhood is also a peaceful one.

So, what are you waiting for? Just grab the opportunity of a sight visit to enjoy the rest of your life in the combination of Elegance and the feeling of warmth. The luxury experiences alongside the panoramic view will never disappoint you

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