One of the most promising residential projects in Rajkot

15 September 2021

Vraj Infrastructure has always strived to set the standards in quality, durability, luxurious living, customer-centric approach, technological advancement, transparency, and on-time project delivery. In this regard, purchasing the high-end residential complex Rushi Villa will make your life full of joy and a sense of fulfilment.

A highlight on the amenities that residential projects in Rajkot

There are some of the best amenities that Rushi Villa provides to make the lifestyle stand out. Some of the features that make the residential complex stand out are as follows:

Comfortable atmosphere:

Water Body- The residential complex, Rushi Villa, has a stunningly designed Water Body of freshwater. The team of builders strives to satisfy water requirements in the residential complex with well-developed optimization formulation to set the standards of the integrated residential complex.

Jogging Track- The residential complex also has a wide jogging track that helps in the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle. The jogging track surrounded by greenery makes it a perfect place for jogging while breathing in the fresh air.

Deck Seating- Rushi Villa highlights the contemporary deck to serve as the best place to relax with your family. Custom deck design specifically for outdoor enjoyment will give blissful moments.

Gazebo- The modern wooden gazebo in the courtyard serves as the perfect place to rest and relax in summer or winter with your family and friends.

Children's Play Area- Large enclosed children's play area in the residential complex area is best for children of all ages. A wide variety of climbing frames, swings, and slides provide a safe environment for your child to play.

Setting the fitness goals

Open Gymnasium-The Open Gymnasium is equipped with the latest equipment for the fitness freak community. Moreover, the trainers conduct small-group or full-team training.

Swimming Pool- The new residential complex in Rajkot with a swimming pool proves to be a unique complex delight with its beauty and elegance. In addition to fitting perfectly into the landscape, the swimming pool maintained with professional expertise ensures being the best place for having an incredible time with your family.

Easy access to Beauty salons:

Salon- The residential complex has well-equipped salon facilities with even spa facilities. You don’t need to go outside for the beauty sessions anymore.

Spa Area- Spa Area in the residential complex specializes in the sauna, hammam, relaxation area, specialized massage chairs for the utmost relaxation.

Scope for Socialisation

Cafe/Party Hall - Cafe/Party Hall in Rushi Villa is fit for hosting a meeting, party, banquet, reception, or another social event.

Club Lounge - Clubhouse in the Rushi Villa residential complex by Vraj Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd offers dedicated areas for hosting events, parties, gatherings, and so on.

Open Amphitheatre- Open Amphitheatre provides strength to socialize, speak in public, grow inner soul and energy. The amphitheatre infrastructure in the Rushi Villa is the perfect place for an enjoyable time.

Party Lawn- Rushi Villa Party Lawn is a perfect venue for your big day that can let you host a lot of ceremonies and functions. Besides, the party lawn will cater to any banqueting needs with quality services and best-in-class hospitality.

The additional reasons to choose Rushi Villa as a high-end residential project

The Rushi Villa, one of the best residential projects in Rajkot, Gujarat, is a perfect integration of peaceful luxury living, shopping, fun, food, hospitality, and entertainment in a single compound.Appealing outsides and insides in terms of design and concept is a mark of functionality too.

As one of the best residential apartments in the City of Rajkot, Rushi Villa shares nearness to the nearby metro station, shopping malls, hospitals, schools, colleges, bus stops, airports, to whatnot. Rushi Villa serves as a mix-of-land use township that accommodates residential and hospitality complexes for luxurious and joyous living. A highly maintained and secure campus gives you all the amenities at your fingertips. A highlight on the floor plans and the architectural setup states that the floor plans you can choose from are as follows:

  • Ground Floor Plan
  • 4 BHK Unit Plan
  • First Floor Plan
  • Terrace Floor Plan

Each of these apartments is equipped with spacious rooms, including well-designed master bedrooms. Louvered windows, louvered doors provided for the ventilation make these apartments the appropriate setting for a luxurious lifestyle. Also, get the facilities with the study and Servant Room. Complete Architectural design, including Layout Plans of all floors, Toilet, Kitchen, floors, walls, and roof, makes the setup stand out.

Besides, the builders have built the Rushi Villa with the best materials, and the high-end spaces are a mark of the visually enlarging and expanding large space. The electric and water supply support is also amazing. The department undertaking electrical wiring in residential buildings has designed the electric setup concisely and compactly. Moreover, you can get advanced support with the 24-hour power backup facility.

A glimpse at the Top-notch Security

Rushi Villa is so distinct from the other residential projects in Rajkot because the residential complex security provides a sense of safety. Elevator floor display, sound analysis, license plate number recognition, Integrated surveillance, simultaneous monitoring, a team of security guards ensure offering peace of mind. In addition to that, Rushi Villa is equipped with access control, perimeter security, and intrusion detection security systems for mass protection. The builders promise that the residents will feel safe and secure under all circumstances with the presence of security guards and security measures, like CCTV, mobile patrol, and virtual monitoring.

Final words

The Rushi Villa residential estate, which is one of the best residential projects in Rajkot, Gujarat, is the first choice of high-end urban rich gentry. This residential complex is the best for offering ample opportunities for secured and luxurious living, community interaction, and cultural expression. Rushi Villa is gradually becoming the mark of the perfect residential masterpiece of Rajkot. Be ready to live a luxurious life perfectly at ease and enjoy sociocultural activities. With the numerous amnesties, Vraj Infrastructure promises that Rushi Villa is a beautiful living place.

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