Home Transformation Ideas - Living Room Edition

01 October 2021

Home is a Home, and there is no place like it. And what makes a home special are the pieces that we choose to decorate it with. Identifying the right things to enhance your home is definitely demanding. As much as it has to add to the aesthetic appeal, it should also elevate the personality of your home. Residential Complexes in Rajkot are equipped with amenities that make them the most liveable place in the region.

Out of all the spaces in one’s home, the living room is the most visible and versatile space. It is the space where a family comes together and spends most of their time. It is the space that hosts your guests and loved ones. But above all, it is your personal space, and it needs to feel right, which is why we have put together some ideas that will create an intimate feel to your living room. 

Gallery Wall

As cliché as it sounds, this is the easiest and yet the most beautiful way to enlighten one’s living room. Adding your family photos, favourite quotes and prints on the wall will add to the living room’s personality. But before hanging on the wall, make sure to lay them out on the floor and find the configuration that you like. Also, finding the right frames is essential. You can follow a pattern or mix and match according to your preference.

A decorative mirror

The living room is where any family spends most of their time together. It is also the space that creates an impression when you have guests over. Hence, adding a decorative mirror at the right place can add to the living room’s character. Finding a mirror with the proper cut and shape will add to the aesthetics and make the most visible space of your home look more prominent.

A stand out wall

Choosing to add a bright colour to one wall among a plain canvas would enlighten the entire living room space. Adding an eclectic accent colour to your wall can transform the overall feel. Another way of doing it is by adding wallpaper with patterns or florals that can be easy on the eye. Making these minor changes can create an effortless-looking wall that will enrich their living room space.

An entryway to remember

First impressions are the best impressions. What better than having a grand entrance to create the best impression. From adding a nice console table to custom-made shoe shelves, one can always make the most of their entrance. An excellent traditional wooden table with some abstract art would make it look vintage yet add to the aesthetics. But, practically speaking, we always look at making things multi-purpose, and that is why having a table will make it purposeful. One can also add beautiful pieces on the table to keep the keys, letters and even beautiful plants.

Cozy and Comfortable Seating

The sofa should be the most expensive of all the things that one spends on the living room. It is an investment and can make the basic living room more sophisticated and classier. Since it is the spot that any family will mostly hang out in, it is essential to know what size the sofa should be off, how much space it will occupy and how it should be oriented before looking for one. 

The living room is undoubtedly an essential space in one’s home. Hence, it is necessary to add pieces that enhance and brighten up your space. After all, every living room tells a story about the personalities of the inhabitants. So, if you are looking for a residential property in Rajkot equipped with modern interiors, Vraj Infrastructure is the option.

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