Home buying guide with young kids in family

15 March 2022

Home is all about peace of mind and quality time with family. You always try to transform your living space into comfortable; however, this becomes a challenge when you have young kids in the family. Thus, when you plan to buy a house and have small kids, there are several factors you should consider. First, it is advisable to visit the location and study the surrounding areas and residential property during the buying process. It gives better clarity on the available facilities in residential and hospitality complexes.

Education Institutes

The first point to ponder when evaluating a property is education facilities around. Your young kids need quality education, and hence, you need to find good schools and institutes. Sending your child to schools far away is impractical, tiring, and time-consuming. This will take a toll on your child's mental and physical health in the long run. Thus, when choosing a particular property, you should check the distance and credibility of nearby institutes.

Recreational Facilities

All study and no play will make your child dull. In present times, apartment living is the latest trend, which means kids get limited space inside the house to perform activities. Good developers recognize this need and design projects that offer an array of recreational activities for the little residents. Facilities like basketball, play areas, badminton, skating, swimming pool, table tennis, etc., are in every high-end residential complex. Such projects are stated as projects focussing on wellness real estate. The facilities inside the society premises allow children to pursue activities of their interest without commuting to far-off destinations. According to a report, wellness real estate is estimated to be 200 billion U.S. dollars which means developers will introduce more kids-centric projects with recreational activities.

House Layout and Size

Children's needs keep changing as they grow. Therefore, make sure you buy a home with this future perspective. Buy a house of appropriate size when your kids grow and need a separate room. Also, you should check the layout for details like air circulation, sunlight, and washrooms. These aspects might not strike your mind when buying a residential property, but they have a crucial role when you start living. Nowadays, developers provide attractive facilities like a lounge area, storage spaces in the layout, and they transform your living experience in a great way.


Safety indeed is an essential point when you plan to buy a home. You will always want your kids to be safe while playing around with the other kids in society. Thus, when you visit a property, check the security measures taken there. Designated entry-exit points, security guards, CCTV monitoring of buildings and common facilities, well-lit compounds are necessary.

Also, ensure your family's safety inside your own house by installing home automation systems. These are great tools to control and check on different gadgets even if you are not home. The new-age electronic gadgets and appliances have a feature to connect them with your smartphone and operate with ease with a few clicks.

Accessibility and Public Transport

You might ignore this one since you may own a car or two-wheeler. But do not rule out this aspect. There might be times when you would need to travel via public transport. Thus, make sure the location of the property is good. Easy accessibility and availability of public transport is a huge advantage in the long run as your children will grow and would want to go to nearby places independently. A well-developed society with remote locations is a big no.

Medical Facilities

The availability of medical facilities near the property you consider buying is crucial. Medical assistance can be needed anytime, and for anyone, so it is a great option to consider if you find a project with a hospital or 24x7 medical facility in the near vicinity.

A Clean Environment

With decreasing availability of land, sometimes projects come up nearby factories, industrial areas, railway tracks, etc. Such developments should be avoided as pollution and noise might affect your child's lifestyle in the long run.

If you plan to buy property in the best residential complex in Rajkot, you find projects with world-class facilities inside the development. So invest your money in the right society to give your children a great living experience and let them enjoy every bit.

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