Best Wall and Floor Design Trends for a Beautiful Home

01 January 2022

Your home décor reflects your personality and desires, and wall designs are an inseparable component of the complete décor. When you plan to design your new house or renovate your current interiors, changing the wall design is the first thing that would strike your mind. Changing the colour or theme can make a huge difference in the overall impact. According to research, the global home décor market will see a growth of a CAGR of 3.9% from 2020 to 2027, indicating that people are investing in items that make their homes look attractive.

Let's begin pondering upon ideas that you can use. Remember that every homeowner living in the best residential apartments in India has a different taste. Hence, you will have to decide what kind of feel you wish to create. You may want a cosy, subtle look or love a posh, hotel-like interior. No choice is bad, but you should be very clear and make sure that all your décor items combine well.

Classic shades with wooden flooring

Wood flooring is an emerging trend. If you have bought an apartment in a high-end residential complex, chances are the developer will provide wooden flooring since these render a classy look. Also, wooden flooring is an amazing option for cold cities as they stay warm compared to tiles or marble flooring. Choose from different shades of brown for the walls since they would create an overall effect. Coffee, nut brown, caramel are some amazing shades.

White or cream walls are evergreen and are the best choice if your rooms are smaller. They make rooms look bigger, and you can use décor items in different colours in every room to give it a distinctive character.

Bright coloured walls with neutral shade flooring

If your home has white or off-white colour flooring, you have many options to experiment with the walls. Hues of bright colours like yellow, mauve, pink, orange, blue, green are the trends to stay. You can complement the wall with beautiful artwork. Make sure you balance out the pop factor with subdued furniture and curtains. The bright colours symbolize youthful and vivid personalities, and young families love them.

Creating the vintage look

No matter what trend comes and goes, some people are always enthusiastic about vintage looks for their home. A well-furnished house with classy décor pieces makes a great impression on the guests. If you love those regal designs, you should choose pastel shades. You can install a figurine or a fountain to augment the royal feel further. Choose metallic décor items and antique pieces. However, make sure you do not over-crowd the room. It may get difficult to manage in the long run.

Accent walls with textured paints or brick walls

Gone are the times when bricks were covered with plasters. These days' brick walls are in trend and impart a modern and quirky touch to the living space. You can even get them painted according to your taste. Another great option is textured paint. You can select a wall, highlight it with patterns and designs according to your taste. You can select a pattern that would match your desired theme and furniture. The concept of an accent wall is that only one wall sets the theme for the whole room. If you have just shifted to a new residential complex in Rajkot, give this experiment a try and enjoy a beautiful house without any effort.

Wallpapers for a contemporary look

Wall paint is not the only alternative today. With changing times and demands, wallpapers have emerged as a popular choice amongst homeowners. You can uplift the rooms' mood by opting for a wide variety of wallpapers from small floral prints, abstract designs, or even customized scenery. Some wallpapers offer a 3-D effect and create a beautiful impact.

With so many options, you can choose one according to your budget. Interior designing is difficult if you are not clear about what you want. Therefore, choose a theme and make your choices in alignment. You can buy your dream home in Rajkot and make it cosy, appealing and enjoy the best moments of your life with your family and friends. Have a wonderful journey with your loved ones in your dream home.

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