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01 July 2021

Every human often dreams of building a life they are proud of but the journey makes us forget the reason behind. We at Vraj infrastructure endeavour to remind and provide you a lifestyle you deserve.The new age automobile engineers can definitely find a space here for them to fit well. While thinking about job opportunities, one should also think of a space that they can call home.

A home is a place you build with your family; for your family. Aspirations help us grow, to create not only a life but a lifestyle we dream of. The cultural values we have been brought up with evoke the love and togetherness we seek but after a certain point in life we do realise how important it is to create spaces that not only give us warmth but also privacy and luxury.

The modern day family dreams of a home in a multicultural city with a lifestyle plentiful of love and luxury and Apple Altura aspires to provide you the needful. Located in the 6th cleanest city of India, surrounded by all the prerequisites of an ideal location like multispeciality hospitals, private and public schools, government and private banks, shopping centres, provisional stores and fuel stations. It is one of the most convenient areas to live in for the years to come. Most conventional projects are located in less developed areas for residents to live peacefully but while looking for some grocery to buy they find themselves strangled in a far off place from the core of the city. We at Vraj infrastructure have thought of your present as well the future and have constructed a residential space that offers convenience, comfort and luxury.

An amalgamation of exceptional skill sets, contemplative planning and diligent execution has helped in constructing a project that is one of its kind. This project provides 4 and 5 BHK spacious flats built with high-quality raw material, thoughtful layout and a decent view from your humble abode.

Unlike other projects we don't offer a delusion of world class amenities, rather we have truly created extraordinary amenities to add supreme value to your property. The project covers: gazebo, indoor activity club, tennis court, swimming pool, gymnastics room, library, etc because, who wouldn't like to spend an evening witnessing a beautiful sunset in the Gazebo surrounded by luscious greenery, while your kids are having fun on the playground. We also take care of the direction of location for your home to be lit and ventilated by natural light and air respectively. Apple Altura is primarily located in the north direction which is considered as the positive energy direction and with respect to hindu mythology, it is owned by KUBER ; the god of wealth.

Moreover, the artistic architectural design and elevation of the apartments attracts investors flying in from different cities and abroad. This is because it not only focuses upon the modern day essentials but also holds a cultural value.

There's a reason why they say " don't wait to buy real estate, buy real estate and wait." Investing in real estate not only brings you great returns but also offers financial security especially in a growing city like Rajkot.

Imagine a society with multiple towers spaced correctly to maintain privacy but also with a multicultural outlook that celebrates different festivals in harmony. A place where you eat and dance together and have a social life sounds just perfect. We look forward to creating a society that will responsibly furnish all your luxurious requirements and formulate an affectionate neighborhood. A community that feels like home is the ultimate feeling of luxury and love. Apple Altura is the high rise apartment of your dreams, where you would want to raise your children and build a family.

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